Everyday Athletes

This TVC for Unilever brand Rexona blends the world of professional athletes with our own everyday moments. A technically challenging shoot with CGI and VFX to create seamless transitions between scenes, we had to get every shot perfect to make the cut work and bring together our superstars and regular people.
Output – TVC, Stills and Social Campaign


The whole of Milkmoney went crazy for INXS on this incredible project with Bring for Optus. 4 x films following current talent including music act Client Liasion, dancer Maddie Peat, skateboarder Poppy Starr Olsen and mixologist Mikey Enright as they interpret their favourite INXS track in celebration of 30 years of the seminal album Kick from one of the world’s greatest bands.
Output – 4 Films, BTS series, Social Content


Standard Chartered Bank and Liverpool FC are celebrating the power of numbers in this 12 month content campaign, created with our pals at Octagon. From the players on the pitch, the legends of the club and the passionate fans, “The Power of Numbers” explores the stories that have made Liverpool FC into an incredible club.
Output – 12 Films, Social Content, 3D Artwork 

Strength to Care

Working with Octagon, Milkmoney joins Aussie rugby star David Pocock to understand what Strength to Care really means for Dove. Unravelling misconceptions about Pocock and modern masculinity, this cinematic series delves into Pocock’s personal beliefs and insights, giving a perception of what it is to be a man in a changing world.
Output – 3 Films, 1 TVC and Social Content


red Bull Focus Series 1 Milkmoney Films

Back for its second season for Red Bull Media House FOCUS  takes us into what drives these incredible individuals. 24 athletes were filmed across 8 countries and a comprehensive library 182 pieces of content delivered. Both seasons are now available on demand at starring Daniel Ricciardo, Ryan Sheckler, Mick Fanning, Danny Macaskill and more.
Content 12 TV Episodes plus Social, Trailers and Tease content.

Gone To a Better Place

Working with Common Ventures we made a series of TVC’s & films for NT Tourism. Eschewing the traditional approach that relied solely on stunning imagery, the films took a comedic approach to hook the audience. Filmed in the suburbs of Sydney and the incredible locations of the NT, the films have a wonderful dark humour that connected with audiences. But don’t worry, there is still some stunning imagery as well.
Content 1 Film and 2 TVC’s

Dine With Delta

A combination of 2 of our favourite passions food and football, Dine with Delta is the story of American chef Linton Hopkins creating a brand new menu for Chelsea Football Club. This culinary exploration of London sees Linton collaborating with UK chef James Lowe to merge the best of southern USA food with the tastes of London. It’s got cows, football stars and warm pints in the pub, what more do you need?
Output – Longform Special, Content, Social.

Star Wars At Home

Created and produced for Disney Channel this 8 part narrative comedy series brought the world of Star Wars into an everyday suburban home. Working with Lucasfilm to ensure authenticity, the series has been broadcast in markets across the world for Disney Channel and has been translated into multiple languages.
Content 8 Part Narrative Comedy Series

360 Filming & Virtual Reality

We love new technical and creative ways of storytelling and have created a number of 360 and VR experiences including BT Sport’s International Marketing Campaign of the Year, “Inside Anfield” for Standard Chartered Bank. Please get in touch if you have an amazing idea that can be transformed with VR or AR.
Virtual Reality Experience

Star in the Car

Embracing the quiz show on the couch, Hyundai gave football fans a brain tease during the ad break of their favourite game. Each of the 30 second TVC spots contained clues of a A-League star and a Hyundai car with sharp eyed fans in the running to win trips to 2016 Euros and 2017 Confederation Cup. A great way to re-ivent the traditional sponsor spot for fans.
OUTPUT – 21 TVCS over 2 seasons

The Walk

Fireworks, CGI, helmet rigs and one of Australia’s top cricketers. This project for Rexona with our pals at Octagon allowed us to combine live action with some great visual effects, which resulted in a challenging but very fun shoot. Running over the Aussie summer the campaign was the first time we got to work with Usman, who is a deadset legend, smashing sixes on cue.
Output Content – TVC, Stills and Social 

The Interview

Surely that didn’t really happen? Well in this series of short films the scripts were based off real life situations, so yes it did happen. Made for LinkedIn Australia these comedic films explore what not to do in your job interview…unless you want to end up as comic fodder on the internet for the rest of us to chuckle at.
Content 4 Scripted Content Films.


With oversized toy props and a concept car to excite the little kid inside all of us, Tonka was a cracking project. Created for Toyota with Saatchi & Saatchi we followed the creation of the Tonka Hilux from the early designs to the final lick of paint. The best part? Recreating a kid’s sand pit on a epic scale. Too much fun.
Content Series

Sally Behind The Smile

From the deserts of Dubai to the snowy landscapes of Nova Scotia Canada, this documentary allowed us into the world of professional surfer Sally Fitzgibbons. Filming took place over 18 months across 7 countries and won Best Documentary Short at the 2015 Canada International Film Festival. Also stars Stephanie Gilmore, Carissa Moore and Mick Fanning. A Red Bull Media House Production.
Content: 1 Hour Documentary and 12 Part Digital Series.



Award winning content that delivers views and brand results. From digital content in the millions of views through to full broadcast series we have created stories that connect emotionally for Australia’s and Asia’s premium brands.

Creative content that has concrete results and gets exposure in the millions. For example one film for Red Bull has over 2.6 million views, another received 4000 facebook likes in less than 24 hours. A web series we developed has over 700,000 views and counting, and an interstitial series for Disney Channel has over 600,000 views. Our broadcast work also excels. Our latest Disney production beat all other programming in its slot and won a prestigious ASTRA award.

And Milkmoney are not just about production. From creative development all the way through to distribution, we can help create a brand’s story.


MilkMoney People

  • Matt Taylor


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    Mr Milkmoney himself, Matt has an abundance of experience and always works out a way to get projects done even when you thought you’ve exhausted all options. With his unique sartorial flair Matty T has the collection of shirts you need to brighten any mood. Also.. he’s a pretty darn good boss, always only a phone-call away.



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    Ethan is at the heart of all our productions from London to Oceania and everywhere else in between. Whether directing Milkmoney award winning projects or working with other directing teams Ethan is up always up for creative adventure.
    He also practised this stare in the mirror for hours before this photo to get the quizzical serious look just right.

  • Carrie Williams


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    You need a shoot in multiple continents, with a million moving parts and somebody with the attention to detail to bring it all together? Well Caz has got it handled. When she isn’t cooking up a storm or boating on the harbour she is the rock holding all our productions together, always with that smile on her face.



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    With his eyes on the world ‘DC’ can always see the bigger project for your project. His love of adventure, particularly with a trusty mechanical steed, has taken him to the far flung corners of the globe. Up for any challenge, he has the stamina and nous to get your lightbulb moment all the way through to bright realisation.



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    Charlie is our fast talking, deal making, dance floor shaking Producer. If she cant talk you into something no one can. It probably comes from the years of experience she gained working in the British reality TV world, or for the BBC.



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    You know that Emma’s in the building when you hear her laugh from the front door. She’s a master of motivation, making you stuck to your timelines without you even noticing it. Most recently Em has jumped on board the insta a day which she is nailing #proud.

  • Rachel Chevell


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    Chevally, Chevalier, Chevy. The list of nicknames for Rachel is almost as long as all the interesting experiences she has crammed into her life (so far). As our resident sports car driving queen of social media, Rachel brings the rarest of traits to our projects…the ability to put a smile on your face, no matter the circumstance.



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    A fan of the finer things in life Em is our style guru. She’s a wizard at call sheets, can book you on any flight from here to Timbuktu and has every member of our crew on speed dial, all without breaking a sweat.

  • Kelly Perry


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    The glue that holds Milkmoney together, our ex-ballerina, european scooter riding, high-class foodie, edit smashing legend, Kelly Perry. You need that edit right now, Kelly is the one who is going to make it happen.



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    You know how they say never work with kids or animals? Well Lou loves working with both! Lou has the ability to brighten up the room, no matter the situation. Lou’s passion for telling compelling, real stories and working with real people, lead her to direct commercials and documentaries, and in turn is an enthusiastic part of the MM family. Lou also just sold her first long-form documentary to Netflix globally so she is looking forward to Netflix and chill.



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    We use a core crew of very experienced people both domestically and around the world to ensure we have the best people for the job. From creatives and script writers all the way through to post production staff we have an extensive crew database developed over years to call on for any need.

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